Tales From The Imperial Crypt
February to June, 2014

Volume 1

These Are The Things I Hate The Most
Death Before Sin
Thebes Is Burning
Mind Of The Creator

Dead Man's Suit
No Way Through Hell
Fire Swarm

Divine Skull Palace
Hundred Schools Of Thought
Purge & Dissent
War State Emperor
Kill List Fury
Screaming Black Night
Secret Societies Of Hate

The Burning Spire
Lord Of Cults

Volume 2

Doom At Dawn
Lagers In My Gullet
Burning Blood Stew
Mad Meg Has A Peg Leg

Effigy For Earth
Brain Drain
Simple Misanthrope

The Sword & The Stone
Tolling The Bell
Burial At Sea
Rage In Istanbul

Volume 3

Peyote Pete Rides Again
Noon Beer Bell
Flesh To Die
Sacred Plague

None Lower
War On Words
Slow Bridge To Juarez

Burning Plains
Sacred Black Rats
When Reactors Explode
Trail Of Skulls
Psychedelic Blotter
Mass Grave Death Mask

© 2007 King Of Beef