The Panopticon Four: Session Improvisations

October 3, 2015

Gimmie The Mixolydian
Pain & Volume
Where Did All The Money Go?
Sex With Meatloaf (Not The Guy)

Balamuthia Mandrillaris
Einstien & Sling Blade
Free Metal Odyssey

No Words To Say
Baby, I Want Your Box
Untitled Song
Waiting At The Water
The Peez Project
Set In Stone
Tylor's Lament
Slappin' My Balls
Just Another Rock Song
Beaten Like An Old Dog

Black To Blue
The Idea That Almost Happened
Shuffle Demo

Choke Meatloaf (Akron)
Joe And The Girl On The Train
Alien Boy, Prodigy Man: The Peez Opera
Now I Know
I Guess I'll See You Later

May 21, 2014

Deep South Tornado
Conjure The Ghost
My Soul Is In Limbo
Grinding My Axe

No Booze, No Brain (Ode To Southern Rock)
Low Rent Friend
Thunder God

Circus Freak Serenade
Permanent Head Damage
Pub Haze Disorder
Psychos Hang Darkly
Post Haste Disorder / Terror Force
Please Peez, Please
Last Jam On Earth Ever

May 12, 2014

Space Age Polymer
Pizza Hut Parking Lot
No Mans Land Mine
Skeleton Tree

Dead Man's Face
Drugs At Dawn
Mustard Gas Huffer

The JP Blues / Atomic City
Bubba Vader
Hindu Mind Castle
Stoned Again
Beggars & Lepers
For The Romantics
Population In Ruins

Banned In Sweden
History At End

April 22, 2014

Mind Your Music Theory
Ghost Ride
Enter Madness / Flux Capacitor
Me & My Pork Chop

Tone Sucker
Among The Wasted

Back To School
Eyes Burn Red
Observe The Galaxy
Dirty & Wicked
Nerd Alert
Space Coast
Serious Delirium

The Soul Sleeps
State Of Complaint
Don Henley's Story Of Math

Story Of Math II: The Wrath Of Math
Don't Start What You Can't Finish
Nice To Hear You
When I'm Gonna Die


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