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Back Where We Started
June 27, 2014

I Am The Star Child
Escape From Ft. Lauderdale
Art School Drop Out (Stensils & Pencils)
Portland Porthole (Parts 1-4)

Tripping The Northwest
Inject My Brain

Story Of New York
The Alien Inn
The Jammy McJam Meisters
The Reality Of Drones
I'm Getting Out
Cosmic Dream

Techno Blues (The Ludovico Technique Part 2)
Across The Sea

Raymond Burr In Black & White
Resemblance Of Hamburger - Creepy Armadillo
Now It's Just A Bunch Of String Players

Tales From The Last American Empire: Session Improvisations
February to June, 2014

Mind Your Music Theory
Ghost Ride
Enter Madness / Flux Capacitor
Me & My Pork Chop

Tone Sucker
Among The Wasted

Back To School
Eyes Burn Red
Observe The Galaxy
Dirty & Wicked
Nerd Alert
Space Coast
Serious Delirium

The Soul Sleeps
State Of Complaint
Don Henley's Story Of Math

Story Of Math II: The Wrath Of Math
Don't Start What You Can't Finish
Nice To Hear You
When I'm Gonna Die

Musical Theater Band
Hatchet Man
Ministry Of Lies

When Cossacks Attack
I, Warlock
Doctor Meth

Cyclops Overlord
Cuervo Face
Zero Gravity Blowtorch
Rethink The Groupthink
Here Come The Comfort Women
Soldiers Of Code
Beyond The Last Judgement

The Grand Elixir
Memory Hole Vortex
Lost City Of Sanity

The Day Godzilla Died
Mall Of America
Popp Gone New Orleans
Ivanhoe The Jester
Bastard Son Of Ceasar

Hey, Sputnik!
Dreaming In Color
Cosmic Microwave Radiation

Plunder In The Balkans
The Red Army Blues
My Science Fiction Future
Consume Or Die

Blood & Soil
Corporate Lackey Bootlicker
Straw Man Apocalypse

Annihilate The Crimea
Designs For Modern Living
Kinightscope Kill Machine
Your Marketing Fails Me
Big Brother & The Skynet Police
Tragedy & Farce
Dead End Mind Control

Bullies With Badges
A Death In Hamburg
In A Time Of Lunacy

It's An Art Action

An American Summer: Session Improvisations
May to August, 2013

Bleeding Nun
Gilgo Riff
Bass & Drum Sweet Jam
Amoung Superconductors
Against All Death

Remains Of Madness
Leap Into Space

Black Soul
Little Theremin Boy
That I Know
El Camino Camaro
Smashing Atoms
Last Man On Earth
I See Her (Take 1)
I See Her (Take 2)
I'm Just Waiting
Virtue Of Birds

Hunting With Picasso
Vector Space

Lips Burned Crisp
Man Died This Morning
Cymbals In The Atmosphere
Eternal Heaven
Province Of Poets
Nitro Transgressor
German Girl With Birds
Creepy Armadillo
Bleak House
Welcome To End Times
Popye Doyle
Untitled Jam
Phone Book
Those Guys On Mount Rushmore
Complex Blues
Paul McCartney Owes Me 50 Billion Dollars
Good Evening
Sea Turtle Kasbah
No King Jokes
Plasma Gig Style (July 16, 2013)
Welcome To The Biomes
The Petrochemical Affair
I Saw Slit Throats
Lucy Goosey
Bastard Son Of Coffin Maker
Seekers Of Political Asylum
It's A Shame You Don't Get Out More Often
Watching Over Water
Aunt Jovi
Teenage Christ
Just Another Nothing Day
I Never Do
Creepy Armadillo
Shy Away
Wasted On The Porch
It's A Small World

Live In New York City

Shrine (April 18, 2013)

Dreaming In Color
Uher 5000
Puppets & Explosions
Skating To Iceland
Spider & The Octopus

I'm A Regular
Coffin Maker

No Time For Freud
That's Babe Ruth
Morality Of Drones

Belgian National Day (July 21, 2013)

Dreaming In Color
Uher 5000
Skating To Iceland
Puppets & Explosions

I Am The Moon
Spider & The Octopus
Coffin Maker

No Time For Freud

Ding Dong Lounge (August 4, 2013)

Spider & The Octopus
Dreaming In Color
I Am The Moon
No Time For Freud
Uher 5000

Coffin Maker

Puppets & Explosions

Lost In The American Night: Session Improvisations
February to April, 2013

How Many Years?
Symbols In The Atmosphere
The Old Rocker's Retirement Home
I'm The Flying Pig
Cooking With Gas

The Ocean Floor
One Never Sleeps
Where's Freud?
It's All Doom & Gloom From Here On Out
Party With The Devil
Strung Out In The Afternoon
I'm The Savior
Another Cowboy Suicide
I'm Just Not That Funky
Existence Is Elsewhere

These Are The Catagories Of Being

Aliens Take Me Away
Traffic Jam
Jesus Playin' Satan's Fiddle
Left Alone
Redneck Spy
Sea Of Cortez
Mission To Destroy
Dreaming In Color (Hippy Version)

Morality Of Drones (Eternal War Version)
Puppets & Explosions (Bakersfield Version)

Divine Suburbia
January 29, 2013

Temple Of Zeus
The Power Of Venom

Man In The Barn
Rumors Of Distortion
The Time Of The Visigoths
Super Sonic Mind Riot
Time Travel Gumshoe
The Florida Recount Blues

Third World Mystic
January 21, 2013

Snakes & Robots
The Caveman Club

Bullet Points & Arrows
The Thorazine Shuffle
I'm Even A Castle & Gnome Guy
Leprechaun Bullshit

No Trace Of Man
January 17, 2013

Into The Infinite
Fat Man & Little Boy

Girl With No Name
The Morality Of Drones
Chernobyl Ferris Wheel
Rings Of Saturn

New Boob City
Hot Sauce & Home Brew
Man Of Doom
The Plasma Effect

No Time For Freud
I'm The Wino
Falling Off The World
Fists Of Calligraphy

Zombie Movie Surplus
Ghosts Of Fury
After Clapton
Wounded Knee Burial Ground

Holiday At Bellevue
Autobahn Rocket Fuel
Valley Of The Knives
Living With Science

The Sky Went Red
Ham Fisted Radio
No Shoes No Service
Moonscapes Of The Mind

Ward Of The State
The Road Ain't Getting Any Shorter
Tied To The Temporal Plain
Bag Lady Social Club

When The World Went Mad
January 8, 2013

Live & Die By The Pedal Board
Bowling Alley Zoot Suit

1972 Funk Jam
When Robots Fail
Mapping The Sky
Justice Reaper Watchman
Creatures Of The Ocean Floor

New NFL Theme Song
Man Of No Words
Skating To Iceland
Grim Reaper Bellbottoms
When The World Went Mad
The Man Who Sold Mars
Year Of Insanity
Tupperware Toupee

Land Control Speed Freak
The Missing Seventeen Minutes
Hous Of Ninjas
Puppets & Explosions

Black Forest Insane Asylum
Idiot Savant Indian Chief
The Idea Man
Zipper In The Woods

Radioactive Robot Log
December 6, 2012

Death Panel
Chasing The Chinese Dragon

Mach 2 Mini Opera
At The Science Fair
Satan & Morphine
Catacomb Of Saints
Inflatable Brain

Dwarf Planets
Slasher Film Hot Chick
Times Square MacGyver
The Sound Of Speed Kills

Space Junk Theme Park
November 29, 2012

I Find Regular Drugs Boring & Pedestrian
Floride Tomato

Jesus Throws Wobby Spirals
Lacey & Racey
I'm A Hologram
Me & My Mennonites
Asbestos Oven Mitt
Look At Me, I'm Ted Bundy

I'm An Owl, He's A Manatee
The Culture Of The Department
Dick Nut Wire Job

How Many More Summers?
Ruler Of The Cosmos
Louisiana Fire
My Dad & Me
Party With The Devil

Pointless Unless Awesome
November 8, 2012

Did You Ever Wonder?
Strand Of DNA

Guess The Weight
Hindenburg Disaster
Binary Code
Coffin Maker
Irish Potato Famine
Stuck On Staten Island
That's Fred Sanford
The Spider & The Octopus
My Vomit Is Trying To Kill Me
Free Jazz Free The World
Ray Bradbury Chronicles
Doughnut Tire
Crossroad Vampire Blues

My Middle Name Is Eugene
Who Is Bojangles, Anyway?
I'm A Regular
Cereal Killer
Special Bus

The Unchangeling
Valium Blues
High School Reunion
The High Priest Of Rock & Roll
The Dead Has The Best Weed
Let Me In
Piss God
Betty Jane
Son Of The Tiger
What Is The Sound Of The Unicorn?

Rogue Agenda Puppet Brigade (Original Improvisation Session)
October 18, 2012

I'm The Star
All Alone

Jack Kerouac & Snake Plissken
Bong Flab
Oh, Hookers & Blow
Beer Veins
Wormhole Rebellion
Me & My Puppets
I Am The Moon
Mosquito Gun
Android Army
Elks Club Bingo Fight
Avant Garde Swiss Chalet
Chauncey Gardiner Is Alive!
El Camino Camaro

Trench Warfare Hangover
Moby Dick Jet Pack
Kentucky Mine Safety Blues

Memory Foam Blow Up Girl
October 2, 2012

Consult The Oracle
Outer Space Bong Hits

Operation Goldeneye
Delirium Tremens
Woolly Mammoth
Bela Bartok Blues
Drug Czar
Kremlin Cockfight
Smartphone Meltdown
Gulag Dance Party
Galaxian Girl, I Love You
Deep Space Mind Probe
Alligator Zombies
Elvis Is Dead
Murder Of Crows

Iron Foot (The Viking King)
Square & Compass (Freemason Rock)
Death Mask
Black Death
Center Of The Earth
Holy Roman Empire, Batman!
Psychobilly Freak Show

The Girls Of Eastern Europe
Boom Chika Boom
Jesus Got A Complex
Dr. Thoughtcrime
The Ludovico Technique
The Cossack City Blues

The Dirigible Ant People
June 28, 2012

Studio H Shuffle
Who Stole My Heroin?
At The Bodega
Bitches Are Bitches
Taking Me Down
Dreaming In Color
Bag O Bones Blues
In A Bikini
Chili Dog Blues
White Castle Grayskull
She Was A Coyote
Soul Suckin Blues
If You Dare
Creepy Armadillo
God God No God
Watch The Man
That's Babe Ruth
Real Job Joe


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