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Recorded September 16, 2007 at The Sonic Arts Center at CCNY, New York City
Joe Popp: Guitar / Vocals
Brian McCabe: Bass / Backing Vocals
Tylor Durand: Drums
Enginereed and mixed by Unne Liljeblad and The Hornrims
Photograph by Brian McCabe
Words and music by The Hornrims


Don't come in here with your irony
No one gives a damn about your art degree
Pull in brother and have a drink
End is closer than you think

So many places without the roughness
Do you come as sign of toughness?
Just a bunch of working men
Is this what you want to do with your friends?


Neon that once lit the sky
Now hangs dim for older eyes
Don't think that you own the place
Out on the sidewalk on your face

Late nights light a cigarette
Mayor hasn't caught them yet
Hang your head ‘til just/way past 3
Different kind of port authority

Lab Rat

Pinned to a board waiting for dissection
Against my will I take injections
Force fed grindings from an inhabitable substance
Looks the same going in and coming out

Measuring changes in palpitations
There are hundreds of starving nations
The empirical data you are collecting is useless
You're a human without a doubt

Red Dye #5
I'll test it so you'll survive
Watch as I slowly die
I'm a lab rat

Another day spent at the office
I'm not the criminal but the accomplice
The ear you are growing on my back serves no purpose
Try an experiment to solve the drought

Hot Cross Buns


Billion Stars

Carl Sagan said there are billions and billions of stars
So did Galileo and Copernicus
I'm sitting on my fire escape but they seem so far
I haven't moved a bead on my abacus

Where are the billion stars?
Tell me, where are the billion stars?

Leonard Nimoy said there's life up in the stars
And we journeyed in search of
I listen carefully but I hear only cars
There's got to be so much more above

Annie Jump Cannon classified the stars
Oh be a fine girl - kiss me
I don’t see the twinkling and I wonder where you are
It seems to be the mystery

Crush Kill Destroy

Cell phones crush
Cell phones crush

Cell phones crush
Cell phones crush

Cell phones kill
Cell phones kill

Cell phones kill
Cell phones kill

Cell phones destroy
Cell phones destroy

Cell phones destroy
Cell phones destroy

Plastic Soldier

Injection molded from a machine
There're so many others just like me
Stamped and sealed
A gun I wield - to fight the war
Our commander can barely even read

Tell me to go and I will go
Don't have much choice you know
I 'm not the guy in control

Set up on the battle lines
An average Barbie has a better time
Face to face
Against guys my age - It's such a waste
Senseless battles are victimless crimes

The demise of the plastic soldier
Where's is my crying shoulder
In a box it can't get any colder
Where's the higher power to rescue me?

No salami in the mail
Or letters saying, "do not fail"
No jeering press
Or ticker tape mess - we're just put away
Valor for absolutely no avail

Gray Skies

Faith gets lost
Your time is the cost
Plans that you made
Slowly blur and fade

Promises and commitments you gave
Are options now
Please unlearn the method of
Torturing yourself
Your skies can't always be gray
Your skies can't always be gray

The pulse of pain
Wracks at your brain
The life you attacked
Now takes you aback

Drowning @ Sea

Seems like you have two faces
One clever and one concealed
Trying to fit in certain places
Things you never will reveal

While I'm searching for the ocean
I'm drowning at sea
Moving in contrary motion
A divine dichotomy

So desperate to reach you
All this stupid technology
Provides an instant rejection
I guess you don't want to talk to me

Space Heater

Space Heater

See the skeleton embers
No one remembers
How it started, who left it on?
Another hard September
That's life in the blender
Photo albums scattered on the lawn

The bright red glow of poverty
Don't you get a hold of me

Family huddled around
On soaking ground
Choke on air that once was fresh
All the memories drowned
Never soon to be found
Traded for a pound of flesh

While sleeping in bed
I turned my head
I noticed that mine had fell
Story you never read
But how many dead
Never noticed their life was hell

Plug Along

Rapunzel please let down your hair
It can't be so much fun up there
You don't belong in thinner air
Trust me it's just stale
I saw Miss Little Red Riding Hood
Visiting her elders like a good girl should
Until a monster came from the woods
It's no fairy tale

There's things you can't change
Plug along anyway
Put the screws to fate
Plug along anyway

Three Little pigs were so industrious
Along came a wolf so blusterous
Why waste your time it's frivolous
You work so hard and fail

Hansel and Gretel tried to mark their path
But they encountered a similar wrath
Is it fate you do the math
It's no fairy tale

Rip Van Winkle had it right
Turned all of his bright days into nights
Never had to see a horrible sight
Ole Rip had life by the tail
I ordered destiny in the mail
It was broken beyond repair
One person lacking tender care
Can cause a heart to fail
You work so hard and you fail
It's no fairy tale

Last Mistake

Got one foot stuck in a crater on the moon
Other foot's stuck in my mouth
Admit my exit's poorly timed and often comes too soon
A carpetbagger who fled the south

Punch me to the ground
Take and take and take
I'll still be making sound
Not my last mistake

Incarceration means getting locked up to get free
Work to avoid the corporate clothes
No matter where you’re standing, there you're standing, understand me?
So the dusty proverb goes

Tried so hard to invoke changes to the air
Not a single ear is listening
Don't say you like my music I know you don't care about it
A cut throat or a christening?

© 2007 King Of Beef