Providence, Rhode Island, May 1992 (Photo by John Jacobson)

Formed in Providence, Rhode Island, 1988.

Justin Ferren and Tylor Durand started playing together shortly after meeting at the Rhode Island School of Design in the fall of 1988.

It all started in the Nickerson One dormitory. Justin had a beat-up old Fender Jaguar and Tylor had a beat-up old Gibson SG. An immediate bond was formed. They jammed the blues, classic rock standards and the pentatonic blues scale.

Justin and Tylor began a writing and recording partnership that would eventually lead to the formation of their first band, The Blueberries. This creative team would form the nucleus of the projects that would define their musical growth over the next two decades and would include The 377 Hope Street Band, The Slip, The King Of Beef House Band and Working Mans Trio.

They are both singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists.

The Employees remasted catalogue is now available on bandcamp.

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