377 Hope Street Basement, Providence, Rhode Island.

Formed in Providence, Rhode Island, 1989.

A damp basement in Providence. A keyboard in the laundry room, a busted drum kit next to the boiler. A battered Gorilla amp and a dented saxophone. Tiny windows to the street, broken floorboards at your feet. The smell of rolled up, dusty carpets. Cold, raw, concrete.

Basement Rock, New England Style.

Original members Bill Long, Justin Ferren and Tylor Durand began jamming in the basement of their house at 377 Hope Street in the fall of 1989.

The boys were still learning how to play. There was some history, some precedent, but everything was new, exciting. Doors were opening and they were all stepping through.

Instruments and joints were passed freely, experimentation and freak-outs were the points of departure, the frames of reference. This was, after all, Art School.

“Turn that shit up!”

“What happened to my beer?”

The basement jam sessions soon became legendary, and everybody was invited to the party. Friendships were formed over the simple desire to “get it together in the basement.” All kinds of people passed through its pot filled corridors and all kinds of freaky sounds came from the all-day and all-night sessions.

The tapes rolled and the beer flowed. Wasn’t that what college was all about?

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