King Of Beef Studio, New York City, 1999 (Photo by Tylor Durand)

Formed in New York City, 1994.

The King Of Beef House Band began recording in a tiny one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Westside in the summer of 1994. The space was soon christened King Of Beef Studio in honor of
the Old Homestead Steakhouse mascot, which hung outside the studio's bedroom window.

There were no fixed members and the emphasis was on the improvised and unexpected. Musicians, non-musicians, innocent by-standers and the occasional slide whistle player came together to create the King Of Beef Sound. There was also lots of beer. The creed: enter with a sixer of Bud Tall Boys and let the tapes roll.

Originally located in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, King Of Beef Studio moved to Harlem in 2005.

The King Of Beef remasted catalogue is now available on bandcamp.

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