Northwest Portland, Oregon, 1993 (Photo by Ken Anderson)

Formed in Portland, Oregon, 1992.

After graduating from college in the spring of 1992, Tylor Durand, Justin Ferren and Dave Horowtiz decided to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and contiune making music together. Their successful
The Blueberries became The Slip, and a new era of music was upon them.

The Slip made a conscious effort to break with its musical past and began exploring a more poly rhythmic approach to its growing catalogue of original material. The band would go on to record its first official release, Four Songs From Colonial America in 1993 and become a popular fixture in the Portland indie rock scene. The band’s final live performance at the ledgendary Satyricon stands as one of its finest and can be found in the "Live In Portland" section of the bands album page.

The band left the Pacific Northwest for New York City in the fall of 1993. After several years of
recording and performing, the band took a short hiatus and re-emerged as the
Working Mans Trio
in 1999.

The Slip remasted catalogue is now available on bandcamp.

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