South Florida, late 1970's (Durand Family Archives)

Tylor Durand began playing music shortly after this photo was taken. He started much like many suburban American kids before him–piano lessons. These were deemed “a drag,” so he joined the middle school band and tried out the clarinet. The damn thing was way too hard to assemble, and cleaning the mouthpiece proved a bitch.

His mom Bea had an old nylon string acoustic left over from the radical 60s. He began plucking away, picking out the usual classic rock riffs; “Smoke On The Water,” “Cocaine” and “Paranoid” were early favorites.

When his dad Bill procured an old drum kit, Tylor thought the instrument was a lot cooler than anything else he’d tried up to that point.

Somewhere along the line he picked up the bass, banjo and all that stuff. He enjoys singing too. Tylor has been in all the bands included on this site and has played with Enstereo, Joe Popp, Bill Long, DJ Arturo and is the founder of King Of Beef.

He most recently played drums in two New York City power trios; The Hornrims and Plasma In The Ukraine.

Tylor Durand's remasted catalogue is now available on bandcamp.

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